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JourneyMan, September Inspirements

September Journeyman Inspirements.

1. Please Read Promises of the Constitution: Section 12 Who is Changing the Constitution?
 (Pages 245-276) and the Prologue.
...then either Take notes of your readings, or write a short one sentence summary about each mini section.

2. Then Please Read the following article: God's Hand in our Nations History

3. After Please Watch the following video:

If the video doesn't come up, here's the YouTube link
4. Now think about these readings, and your word study on Humility from core class.
In what ways do they connect? How does God's Hand improve your life? In what ways do you see God's Hand in both the Making of America, and the Birth of our Constitution?

5. Please read the following sections from "Ourselves in Modern English" by Charlotte Mason


"The country of Mansoul. The Perils of Mansoul. The Government of Mansoul."

*A look at who we are, and why we are.*

6. Take a few moments to consider what this sections is talking about. How it connects to the principle of the month, Humility. Along with what makes a meaningful life, and brings happiness? How is God involved in your happiness?

7. Journal about some of these thoughts. You can journal in many different ways. Please don't feel you must just write. You can write, draw, or do a mind map of your thoughts. Anything that allows some of your thoughts from these readings to be recorded. Take 20-30 Minutes and ponder over these ideas.

8. Find at least one scripture that comes to mind that connects to your studies. Bring it to share with the class.

9. Now take that knowledge, and Do Something With It!!!
 (choose atleast one from this list, or something of your own!)

* Do a word study on another word you thought of during these readings. It can be a synonym or antonym.
*Write a Poem, song, short story about how this has made you feel.
*Come prepared to teach us about something you have learned from the section or mini sections from the book Promises of the Constitution. You can do a power point/prezi, whiteboard lesson, object lesson, game or activity, simulation, show a video or song that demonstrates that topic. Please choose something specific and come prepared to teach it.
*Make a chart, a T-chart or Venn Chart etc, to compare and contrast God's hand American then and now. Find some interesting facts to support your comparisons.
*Read more indepth from the scriptures in the article, God's Hand in our Nations History. Come prepared to teach us about your discoveries, and a way to show us what you learned.
*Make a visual that shows the " of oneself" as described in the book ourselves

Each month as part of our journeyman class, I would like you to choose a Hero that demonstrates the principle for that month. I would prefer you choose someone who lived during the time periods we are studying. Please prayerfully ponder over whom you can choose. Whom you feel truly demonstrates our principle this month. Please see the tab at the top of this blog for full instructions.

Please write a Report about that person. As to the length and structure of the report that will be up to you, and your running partners qualifications. I will collect these reports, I will look over them, and make sure you are completing them. I will not correct them, unless you specifically ask me to. Please write on the report "FEEDBACK PLEASE" If you would like your report to be checked for grammar, structure, spelling, etc. Again this will only strengthen your writing skills. So please use this monthly report for your benefit!

Before you begin, you might want to look at this article How to prepare and give a speech I will add articles and tips throughout the year for tools to write and present your hero speeches.

Then I would like you to choose a way to present your report during class.
Come prepared to teach us all about your hero!!!
Think of ways to make this fun, and unique.

If you need help, have questions, please email Sister Gilbert, growingwithtruth10@gmail.com

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