November, Masters

Gilberts House, Thursday OCTOBER 29th, 12:30-3

For those attending we have another activity this evening and will NOT be going to sports day. Please plan your ride accordingly. Thanks

*Masters Memory Work:
Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.
 Fredric Bastiat.
*Abby will have a copy of this to put in your file box.
*Please copy this yourself, and find a way to make it visually pleasing. You may make it a poster, or a regular sheet of paper to put in your Tomes. You may simply decorate it or write a few of your own thoughts too. Come with these in Final Copy Readiness to share with everyone. MAKE IT YOURS!

*Read Not yours to Give, By Davy Crockett

(Please print and highlight this article. Read all the way through  this first "section" of inspirements to understand what I would like to do for class. Read to the subtitle Next we will Learn about.... )

OPTIONAL You may also enjoy this video, it's about 15 minutes long. He does not read all of the above text, so I would like you to also read it.

*Research Davy Crockett
If you don't watch the video, please research about Davy Crockett and why/when he gave this speech. You may just watch the beginning of the video to do this. He has a nice introduction/Bio.

*What do YOU think?
As you are reading (and listening, if you choose) please take notes and highlight the article. You may want to print it out. Note anything that comes to mind. We will discuss this article, and the items you noticed. This is a difficult topic, how does it correlate to scriptures, or talks given by our leaders? Do you agree with this? Why/Why not? Come prepared to give more than just your opinion, but facts. You may want to do a research type paper on this, or just research it and have notes and ideas.

*Next we will be learning about Frederic Bastiat and The Law!

*Learn about the Author Frederic Bastiat
Please visit this link to the Ten Boom Institute and to learn about him.
You may watch the movie, or read from the links that are listed there.
Please take notes, or right a short Bio about Frederic Bastiat. 

We will discuss who he was together. Maybe a game... maybe some treats.... hmmm....

*Read The Tuttle Twins Learn about the Law.
(if you don't have a copy of this, please contact Sister Biesinger before you purchase it. She did have extra copies at the beginning of the semester)
*Read The Law by Frederic Bastiat
(This is available online, at this link.)
(Here is a You Tube Video that is a read aloud of the book!! I haven't listened to the whole thing, so I would suggest if you are listening you read along in a book or online)

OPTIONAL This is an optional power point on you tube. If you would like more information on The Law or would like to study about it more.

*Teach us
*Choose at least one principle he discusses in his book,
     *find at least one example of that in our modern day society.
     *Also explain, through scripture, how this is truth.

*Now find a way to present your principle and the example of it.
Please come to discuss this and present it to the class. You can use a visual if you would like to, or turn it into a game. Make sure it's interesting and informative to your audience.

*How does this all relate?
*Compare what you read in The Law, The Tuttles learn about the Law, and The article. Ponder about how this correlates to our principle of "Stewardship" Take some time to journal, mind map or reflect about your ideas. Come prepared to discuss these together.

*let's play to learn the constitution! We will play Constitution Quest.

Please review the Constitution items from last month. This inspirement should already be completed, from last month. We did not get to present these last month, so we will be doing them this month. The following is from last months inspirements:

*This month we will be studying Article 1 Sections 1-5. Read them, learn them understand them.
*Do something to help you understand them. You can do an artistic representation, a summary in your own words. Anything that helps you to understand these Sections. Add these to your tomes, as you are starting a Constitution Study. You may want to refer to Our Constitution Rocks, a core class book.
* Choose one, and email Sister Gilbert which you would like to present in Masters Class this week. Then choose a way to come present and teach that Section. Come with a powerful presentation, a way that everyone can understand and remember what that section says, and most importantly what it means.

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