November, Journeyman

Gilberts House, Thursday OCTOBER 29th, 10-12

*Write a Hero Report
Remember to choose a HERO who portrays STEWARDSHIP. Show and explain why you chose them, and how they relate to the principle of Stewardship.
*Research, learn and then write a report. If you would like these corrected, please write FEEDBACK PLEASE on it.
*Come with a way to present your Hero to the class. Remember this is just as important as the report itself! Come with something creative, and memorable. The idea is that you will do something that will spark an interest in someone else!
*As always remember the Hero Report Instructions are on this blogs home page. If you have any questions, please email or call me!!

*Read Chapter 7- Basic Governing Principles
*Take notes or write a simple 1-2 sentence description of each mini section.
Then watch these two short videos about the key concepts of the constitution. Take notes while you are watching these.
Part 1
Part 2

Now let's do Something, with this knowledge! Come prepared to present and discuss your project. This can be a power-point, visual, report whatever. Here are a few suggestions/ideas, however do with it what you feel inspired to do.

*Study a current issue in your state or community. With the help of your parents and/or mentors write a letter to a local elected official (mayor, representative, senator, etc.) voicing your opinion on the subject. Report back to the group of your correspondence. This could be used as a month long project, if needed.
*Do you think it is wise to place restrictions on the powers a leader can use? Why or why not?
*Review and Define, "inalienable rights" Do you think that people have to do something to earn or deserve an inalienable right? Why or why not?
*Learn more about the Vertical Powers and Local Government, along with God's Righteous Government. Compare and Contrast them and explain this to us.
*Which level of Government, State or Federal, is more important and why? Make a list of responsibilities of the state government which federal shouldn't intervene. Show how this is and is not followed today, with current events.
*Make a visual of the Horizontal Powers. Or research and explain the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches of Government. Come with facts, and explanations for the class.
*Does God compel his children to make certain choices? Journal or write about how some people may feel that forcing people to share wealth or personal property is a way to create equality, but force is actually a way to take away a person's freedom and equality. Come with facts, evidence and more than opinion to prove your stance on this thought.

Read, Study and analyze the Declaration of Independence

We will be continuing (starting over :) ) with our Declaration Scavenger Hunt, FAMILY FUED STYLE!!!
Study the Declaration, get to know it!! If you don't have the paper I handed out last month, here is a link to it online. Know this document forward and backwards! The two people "feuding" from each team will NOT have a copy, then if no one can answer the question, each team will have a chance with a copy. So GET TO KNOW THE DECLARATION!!!

Look at ONE or MORE of the following, OPTIONAL ITEMS:

OPTIONAL- Here is a link to the signers of the Declaration, and short bios about their lives. Might be interesting to learn more about them!

OPTIONAL- Here's a link to a famous painting, it's an interactive signing of the Declaration. It's fun to see how the artist portrayed each signer.

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