Thursday, September 11, 2014

October, Journeyman Inspirements

Journeyman Memory Work
In order for us to understand and know Citizenship, and leadership we must have the thoughts and ideas of those great leaders in our minds. We must engrain words of wisdom into our minds, to enlighten us. So when we come to times in our lives, we can use these words. I will be adding a monthly Memory Work for Journeyman and Masters Class. Here is this months:

There is no truth more thoroughly established, than that there exists... an indissoluble union between virtue and happiness.

                                                               George Washington


Find one Scripture that relates to our theme of Virtue, and the pillar of Liberty.

*Come prepared to share it with the class. Try to memorize it, too.

The Declaration of Independence

Read Promises of the Constitution

*Chapters 3.7-3.13
*Chapter 4
*take notes, or write one main topic sentence per section.
*Compare at least one example from the scriptures of people who were willing to sacrifice their lives for truth, virtue, sacred honor, and integrity. Come prepared to discuss and defend your choice!

We will be playing a Declaration of Independence Scavenger Hunt, in class!!!

*Bring a treat to share! A non messy finger food, would be best!

Watch the following video

Read Ourselves in Modern English

Here is the link to read it online.
*Read Part 2 The House of the Mind.
*Take some time to journal or mind map about how this applies to our principle of the month, Virtue. Along with our pillar of Liberty. Make some connections, and apply these principles to your own life. Set some goals, and make this a meaningful. A personal time to relate, and ponder.

The following is a link to a fun article to help you make mind maps fun and more powerful.

Monthly Hero Report!

*Choose a Hero that you feel displays Virtue. Study them. Write your report.
*Then prepare a way to present your hero! The skies the limit! Think of ways that through your presentation you will inspire others in the class. Peek their interest and curiosity in your hero!

If you need help with how to do a Monthly Hero Report I have added the blog post with the  instructions to this blog. Please refer to it, if needed.

Here is an informative video to help you with a 5 paragraph essay.
This might be helpful for writing your reports!

and here's a link for writing an outline for a report

These are optional, and are offered for you to use as you feel you want to improve your writing skills.
Remember if you want feedback, please write "feedback please" on your report, and turn it in to me. If you don't want feedback, please turn it in, so I can read it, see you did it. The main reason, is I take notes about ideas for ways to help everyone learn to write a report more effectively.

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  1. Ourselves in Modern English is all of part 2 (pages 33-81)