Friday, August 1, 2014

Instructions for a Hero Study, and Report.

Hero Study 

Remember, the main point of studying a hero is to find the heroic qualities you admire about them and apply those qualities to your own life! 

Choose a person you admire from the time period we’re studying (approximately 1500 to 1850). Research and take notes on that person. This could include a founding father or mother, an inventor, musician, religious leader, author, ancestor, or someone else you admire and want to learn more about. Use a book from the recommended hero book list,(listed below) or find other sources with the approval of your parents. 

(Note: Wikipedia is not allowed. Copying and pasting is not allowed. This needs to be in your own words.)  

Here are some ideas of thing you could include in your notes: 

your hero’s life and experiences
how you think they filled the mission God sent them to live
how their hard work helped them
what was their education like, how did it improve their life or mission
what were their talents, how did others see them, how did they help them to better their life
life challenges that helped them become a better person and do something worthwhile
how you can see God's hand in his or her life
what Christlike characteristics that person had that you admire 
Be sure to include what characteristics you admire about your hero, and your plan to develop one of those characteristics

Hero Report

From the notes you wrote about your hero, type or write a report about them.  

Hand in your report so we can see that you did it. It won't be graded or anything. If you'd like to become a better writer, you can write at the top "Feedback please." 

Hero Presentation

Have fun with this!  After researching your hero and taking notes, find some fun ways to present your hero to us!  Be prepared to present between 3-5 Minutes, have fun and make it great and unique!   

Here are some ideas: 

  • Dress up as your hero and read us your hero report, or an original work that truly inspired you.
  • Show pictures of your hero and some of the things he or she did to make the world a better place 
  • Perform part of a speech your hero gave, or play part of a musical composition he or she wrote
  • Show us a short video clip about your hero as part of your presentation. Please make sure part of your presentation is also you presenting!
  • Create a skit that portrays your hero’s characteristics and what he or she accomplished 
  • Write a poem about your hero 
  • A short game to help you teach the class interesting things about your hero

Recommended Booklist:

Even though these are recommended, please make your choices with your parents. You are welcome to use any books that are approved by your parents, and that hold to the Vanguard Standards.  
Great American Statesmen and Heroes, by Catherine Millard (1995) 
Builders of our Country II, by G. Southward (1907, FREE at
Heroes of Progress in America, by Charles Morris (1906, FREE at
For You They Signed, by Marilyn Boyer (2010, by a homeshool mother of 14 children) 
The Founders: The 39 Stories Behind the US Constitution (2005, this one didn't state a Christian viewpoint, but I included it in the list because I didn't find as many books about Constitution signers as for Declaration signers) 

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