Thursday, September 11, 2014

October, Masters Inspirements


Master Class Memory:

"Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God?"
                                                                   Thomas Jefferson

Word Study-

*choose a word from any of your studies for Masters Class and do a word study on it.

Constitution Study

*This month we will be studying Article 1 Sections 1-5. Read them, learn them understand them.
*Do something to help you understand them. You can do an artistic representation, a summary in your own words. Anything that helps you to understand these Sections. Add these to your tomes, as you are starting a Constitution Study. You may want to refer to Our Constitution Rocks, a core class book.
* Choose one, and email Sister Gilbert which you would like to present in Masters Class this week. Then choose a way to come present and teach that Section. Come with a powerful presentation, a way that everyone can understand and remember what that section says, and most importantly what it means.

We will be playing a constitution game, in class.

Read We hold these truths to be self evident

     *The Law of Limits
     *The Law of Delegation

*Write an essay about one of them.

We will present them to the class and discuss them together. To help with your public speaking, practice reading your essay in front of a mirror or to an audience who will listen! I would love for you to be familiar with your essay, so you can give it with confidence and like you are speaking in front of a large audience!

Here is an online article and website to help take you step by step through the process of writing an essay. You can read the 10 essay writing tips, and then follow the steps if you would like, to help you in your essay writing.

*Apply one of the laws to YOU! Find an article, news clip, political cartoon, scripture story, or personal story that relates this to your life. Make it real, and apply it to our world. Come Prepared to share it.


Watch the following short clip

Obedience to law is Liberty

*While you are watching it keep a pencil and paper close. Jot down any thoughts or quotes that came to your mind.

Read Seven Principles of Liberty by J. David Gowdy, from the institute for American Liberty

This article can be found online

*Either take notes from this reading, print it off and highlight it, or forward your favorite quotes from the article to the Vanguard yahoo group

*Find one example of these 7 principles of Liberty. This can be from today or from the past. Please put any links to articles or examples in the comments section of this blog. Then come prepared to tell us all about it, and answer our questions.

*It's time to teach!! Please choose one of the 7 principles listed in this article to present in class.
Please let Abby Gilbert know which of the 7 principles you would like to Present at our Masters Class. This will be first ask first receive, so don't procrastinate or you might have to choose another one! How you present is up to you! Make it memorable, and informative!!

Now Do something with it! Let's make a mind map!

After all your studies, take some time to reflect on your studies in Leadership Academy, Virtue and Liberty! How can you take these studies and apply them to your life.... to your mission?

Here is a fun informative image to help you mind map, effectively! This is just an idea, an example. Make it your own! Bring them to class and we will have some time to reflect some of our thoughts.

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